best laser treatmentCosmetic laser treatments are growing more and more popular each passing year. As more patients take part in these unique elective procedures, new and innovative ways to perform these laser treatments are constantly being discovered. Whether it’s an update in the type of laser used, or how the procedure is performed, cosmetic laser treatment is always being refined for the benefit of patients. If you are interested in receiving laser treatment for your skin care needs, it’s essential that you understand its basics. Choosing the best laser treatment for your skin care needs can be a tricky task, so, we’ve listed some of the top areas to target:

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles: Cosmetic laser treatments are commonly used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. A combination of skin resurfacing and skin-tightening procedures can be used. However, depending on the severity of the fine lines and wrinkles, some doctors may use an ablative laser, which is much more aggressive.
  • Skin Tightening: Almost all cosmetic laser procedures provide some level of superficial tightening since they produce a controlled injury of the skin. This ‘controlled injury’ actually encourages the increase of collagen production, therefore tightening the skin for a more youthful appearance. For more immediate tightening results, many plastic surgeons will use CO2 lasers. However, there have been successful cases using non-laser, light-based treatments, such as Titan infrared devices and Thermage radio-frequency based systems.
  • Pigmented Lesions: Sun and age are the two most common contributors to pigmented lesions–sun spots, age spots, melasma, hyperpigmentation, etc. To treat these pigmentations, doctors will use what is called a pulsed dye Nd:YAG laser. Fractional lasers and non-laser, light-based treatment are also popular methods to reduce pigmented lesions.
  • Vascular Lesions: Vascular lesions include broken blood vessels on the face, spider veins on the legs, birthmarks such as port wine stains, and more. For these types of vascular lesions, doctors typically use the pulsed dye, Nd:YAG and diode lasers. These lasers help treat the appearance of these various vascular irregularities.
  • Tattoo Removal: The CO2 laser, Nd:YAG, and enlighten by Cutera are a popular choice for tattoo removal. While multiple laser tattoo removal treatments are needed to thoroughly rid the skin of ink, the treatment itself is highly effective.
  • Hair Removal: The success and safety of laser hair removal completely rely on the pigment present in both the skin and the hair of the patient being treated. Depending on the patient’s skin pigmentation, doctors will choose between a Nd:YAG, diode lasers, or IPL. Laser hair removal can be performed on most body parts with the approval and recommendation of your doctor.
  • Acne and Acne Scars Healing: For patients who suffer from acne and acne scars, cosmetic laser treatment is a wonderful option to reduce its appearance and severity. For deeper acne scars, doctors tend to use the CO2 lasers while fractional laser and certain nonablative lasers are preferred for superficial acne scarring. For the treatment of active acne, LED technology is quite beneficial.

For more information regarding cosmetic laser treatments, be sure to speak to your doctor or plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN. They will be able to successfully guide you toward the right treatment method for all your skin care needs.