Nonsurgical Treatments & Plastic Surgery in Nashville, TN & Brentwood, TN

What is facial rejuvenation? How do you know if a facial rejuvenation procedure is right for you? We’ll answer these questions here. For starters, facial rejuvenation refers to the combination of cosmetic procedures used to restore your facial features to their previous youthful appearance. While a facelift is often the anchor or foundation for many facial rejuvenations, other procedures can complement and enhance the result. Surgical procedures such as eyelid surgery, brow lift and facial implants can help correct specific problem areas on the face. Nonsurgical treatments including fillers, neurotoxins (Botox – botulinum toxins) and fat injections can be used for volume enhancement and wrinkle and fold eradication. Laser skin resurfacing or other light modalities can be utilized to improve skin texture and correct skin blemishes or age spots.

 When to Consider Facial Rejuvenation
  • If you want to reverse the signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance
  • If your face and neck are sagging, or if you are losing volume in your cheekbones and contour along your jawline
  • If there are crow’s feet at the corners of your eyes, fine lines and folds around your mouth, and frown lines and furrows in your forehead
  • If there is drooping skin and wrinkling changes in your upper eyelids, upper and lower eyelid bags, and dark circles under your eyes
  • When facelift and shaping with fillers, implants or surgery are combined, you get the joint benefits of skin tightening and lifting along with volume enhancement.
  • When laser resurfacing is added to the mix, you benefit from smoother skin, with elimination of skin imperfections and superficial wrinkling.
  • Using fillers and botulinum toxins such as Botox after facial surgery can help maintain your results, improve the look of deep lines and prevent the development of new ones.
  • The greater the number of procedures performed, the greater the potential for complications.
  • You may need to have repeated Botox or filler injections over time to receive the full benefit of these treatments.
  • Adding additional procedures will also increase the cost of the total process and expected time for recovery.

These are just some of the pros and cons to weigh when considering facial rejuvenation. If you want to focus on what is unique to you, please consult with your plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN.

How to know if you are a good candidate for facial rejuvenation?

The following are some common reasons why you may want to consider facial rejuvenation:

  • You want to look younger and more refreshed
  • You seek the most natural result
  • You have a number of aging signs that cannot be adequately treated with only one surgical procedure

If you are in good general health, have a positive attitude and realistic expectations, you are most likely a good candidate for this procedure.

How is a facial rejuvenation procedure performed?

Careful planning and sequencing of procedures is necessary for facial rejuvenation. Your  plastic surgeon in Brentwood, TN will determine the best order of procedures in your particular case. Always consider the full range of options and procedures as well as recovery time before beginning the facial rejuvenation process.

  • If volume enhancement using fat transfer is desired for facial rejuvenation, it is typically performed first with fat grafting to deficient regions. The fat is harvested from other areas of the body and then transferred into the desired regions.
  • Depending on the degree of skin laxity (looseness) in the face, either a limited incision (for minimal to moderate laxity) or a more extensive facelift is performed. Eyelid surgery, brow lift or facial implants can also be performed.
  • For facelift, the skin flaps are lifted and trimmed or undermined as needed, then the flaps are moved to remove excess skin and secured with sutures.
  • Once the incisions are closed, laser resurfacing can be used to improve the quality of the skin surface, erasing wrinkles around the mouth and the eyes, eliminating blotchy pigmentation, diminishing the appearance of bags under the eyes, and helping to reverse skin damage as result of sun exposure.
After healing from the surgical component of facial rejuvenation, additional refinements can be performed during follow-up office visits.
  • Botox – Neurotoxins can be injected in the muscles of the forehead to smooth it, eradicate wrinkles, and provide a brow-lift effect.
  • Fillers can be injected to erase the fine lines around the mouth, to add volume to the lips, and to fill the folds extending from the nose to the mouth.
  • Fat can also be used at this point to add volume to the lips and to camouflage the deep line that runs from the corner of the lip to the jawline (often called the marionette lines).

Facial rejuvenation can be one or a combination of procedures that can help you restore a youthful appearance. We’re happy to help you design a treatment plan that’s right for you. Contact our double board certified plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN and Brentwood, TN, today!