Micro Needling Nashville TN

Micro-needling is the process of creating tiny micro-channels in the skin to activate the production of collagen. It has been used as a beauty treatment since ancient times. However, many people are understandably skeptical about whether or not the treatment works. If you are interested in micro-needling, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

1. What Does It Do?

Micro-needling drastically increases the amount of collagen and elasticity in the skin by creating many tiny micro-openings in it. This is done quickly with a special device. This makes the skin fresher and better-looking overall. It can even make people look younger and get rid of acne scars!

2. What Can I Expect After My Treatment?

You can expect some irritation on the skin after the treatment, but this should go away fairly quickly. After total healing, you’ll notice smoother skin. You won’t see the full effects immediately, so it is important to be patient!

3. Is the Procedure Invasive?

Many people don’t like the name of the treatment because it has the word “needling” in it. This is completely understandable. The treatment is only minimally-invasive, however, so you can resume most normal activities after the treatment without the need to take a bunch of time off of work to recover.

4. What are the Benefits of Micro-Needling?

One of the biggest benefits is that micro-needling is all-natural. You are not injecting anything into your skin. This is a quick, outpatient procedure that provides natural-looking results.

5. Is It Right for Me?

You may be wondering if micro-needling is right for you. Do you have minor skin conditions that could use some attention? Most of us do, and most of us can benefit from micro-needling. It can be used on people with all skin types and tones. It can be used to address a number of skin complaints, including fine lines, large pores, and acne scarring.

6. How Can I Get Started?

Our trained professionals at Garza Plastic Surgery have the knowledge to produce the best results. More importantly, we know how to perform the procedure safely in a way that is effective. You can learn more by visiting us at our office in Nashville for a consultation. During this meeting, we can assess your case and determine if micro-needling can work for you. Contact us today to book an appointment and get started!