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skincare nashville aesthetic services belle meade Nonsurgical cosmetic procedures for face and neck

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, plastic surgery is one of the first things that comes to mind. However, if you do not feel ready for surgery, there are many kinds of nonsurgical cosmetic procedures available for your face and neck. Many of these aesthetic procedures can be performed in our Nashville clinic:



Kybella is a manmade form of substance that your body makes to help absorb fat. This product treats the areas of your body where you want to eliminate fat, such as a double chin or submental fat under the chin area. Results from Kybella are permanent. If you are bothered, unhappy, self-conscious or embarrassed by the fat under the chin this is an option for you.


botox in nashville botox belle meade botox for sweating

Botox is used medically to treat certain types of muscular conditions as well as cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscles in your face. Botox can also be used to treat excessive sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis. Ask Tracey, an advanced nurse practitioner in Belle Meade, how botox can help you.

Dermal Fillers

As you get older, your skin begins losing its natural volume. Lines and wrinkles also begin appearing. Dermal fillers are an excellent nonsurgical cosmetic procedure for your face that will smooth lines and wrinkles and restore youthful skin texture.

We offer several dermal filler options to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Tracey Robinson, APN, has selected Juvederm® brand products, which we use for dermal filler treatments. Each product has an increasing level of potency. Usually, each treatment is good for one year. If you have questions about which product is right for you, give us a call.

Juvederm® Ultra XC

For line and wrinkle reduction.

Juvederm® Ultra Plus XC

The thicker formula for deeper facial creases. Also used to add volume to the lips.

Juvederm Volbella® XCinjectables nashville botox belle meade microneedling belle meade

Reduces lines around the mouth and subtly enhances the lips.

Juvederm Vollure® XC

Smooths and reduces deep lines and nasolabial folds, which is the line that runs from the corners of your mouth to the corners of your nose when you smile. Patients report their results last as long as 18 months.

Juvederm Voluma® XC

Reduces midface volume loss. Results last for up to two years.


If your skincare routine is failing to give your skin the right texture, your skin may need a little boost. Your body may not be producing enough proteins like collagen or elastin. Nonsurgical cosmetic texturing procedures such as micro-needling or microdermabrasion are quick and easy ways to bring back that youthful glow.


The most advanced fractional radio-frequency treatment providing anti-aging improvements on skin tone and texture for a more radiant appearance through ablation and skin resurfacing. Fractora can be used in areas that have fine or deep wrinkles, scars or discolored red and brown skin tones.


skin care belle meade aesthetic services nashville forma at garza plastic surgery

A non-invasive procedure that uses radiofrequency to target deep in the layers of the skin to help improve the elasticity of the skin and build collagen. InMode Forma is used on smaller areas of skin.

Forma Plus

A modality that helps tighten skin on the face, neck, and body but it is for larger areas.


At Garza Aesthetics, we perform micro-needling treatments with the Eclipse MicroPen™. During micro-needling procedures, the device creates small punctures in the outer layers of the skin that stimulate blood flow and collagen production. The small punctures in the skin also help anti-aging and other skincare products to work on deeper layers of the skin.

One side effect that patients experience is redness around the treatment area. Redness is normal, and actually shows an increase in circulation. This side effect should fade in a matter of days.

For full results, patients usually need somewhere between three to six total treatments. Alternatively, there are dermarollers available on the market if you would like to perform home micro-needling. However, a trained aesthetician will give you better results.

Dermaplaning or Dermabrasion

If you’re worried about needles, dermaplaning is a less-intimidating skin treatment. Similar to chemical peels, this treatment removes dead skin cells and reduces or removes creases or wrinkles. Specifically, a finely bladed scalpel gently scrapes and exfoliates the outer layers of the skin.


IPL Photofacial or an IPL facial treatment, is a laser light treatment that targets pigment issues, such as brown spots, rosacea, sun damage, and red spots. It also is an effective treatment for people with broken veins and spider veins. If you need vein treatment in Belle Meade, Tennessee ask about our AccuVein treatments.


Dry skin is a concern for many people. Finding the right moisturizing solution can be difficult, and even if you find products you like, they may not give you all of the results you want. Professional hydration treatments are great nonsurgical cosmetic procedures that give you instant and long-lasting results.

skin care belle meade aesthetic services nashville skin care nashville tnHydraFacial

This treatment uses soothing and hydrating solutions to moisturize dry skin, remove dead skin cells, and reduce signs of aging. We can customize every HydraFacial treatment to meet every patient’s needs. Even patients with sensitive skin have seen excellent results.

HydraFacial + Perk™

To enhance the HydraFacial procedure, we also offer Perk™ as a supplemental treatment. Perk™ is a hybrid of an in-office exfoliating facial and take home skincare treatment. During treatment, dead skin and dirt are gently removed while strengthening and nourishing your pores.

Perk™ is a quick and easy procedure and can be performed effectively in as little as 10 minutes.


For skin therapy

PRP can be used for parts of your skin that have been affected by conditions like rosacea, sun damage, and wrinkles. A skin therapist is knowledgeable about all of these skin conditions and can perform facial cleansing treatments, laser hair removal, chemical peels, and lymphatic drainage techniques

For hair restoration

PRP therapy for hair loss is a three-step medical treatment where a person’s blood is drawn, processed, and injected into the scalp. Men typically choose to get this procedure to reduce and prevent signs of balding. It’s a simple fix! And our patients report increased self-confidence as they notice their results.


enlighten by Cutera Tattoo Removal

If you want to clear up old tattoos, be advised that it will take some time. But, you aren’t stuck with them forever! The enlighten treatment uses lasers to break up the pigments of tattoos embedded in the skin. Learn more about tattoo removal at Garza Plastic Surgery.

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Want the best nonsurgical cosmetic procedures, skin care and aesthetic services in Nashville? Visit Garza Plastic Surgery today in Belle Meade, TN to discuss any of our nonsurgical options for your face or your neck. We’d love to help you find the right option whether that is a nonsurgical option, skin care product, or any of the other procedures we do here at Garza Plastic Surgery.

Our team is happy to answer any questions you have about your treatment options and which one would be best for you. If your skin needs other treatments, we can offer a variety of alternatives and answer any questions you may have to help find the best solution for your goals. Call us today at (615) 620-7800.

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