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Retail Volume in your Face with Voluma XC

Smooth, glowing skin is something we begin to wish for as we age. It’s not unusual for the natural effects of aging, along with lifestyle factors and the elements, to take a toll on our skin. Another way in which aging skin begins to change is with loss of volume and suppleness, which can cause your face to look sunken and fines lines to be more prominent.There is a procedure you might wish to learn more about that can help with just this issue. Read on to learn how you can take years off your appearance with Voluma XC® in Nashville, TN.

About Voluma XC

Voluma XC® is a cosmetic treatment that’s approved by the FDA to boost cheek area volume. This plumpness helps to restore the look of youth and vitality to your face. The filler in Voluma XC® is an injectable gel that will restore an attractive contour to your cheeks. When the area is plumped up, fine lines and wrinkles are also diminished in appearance. Besides being a quick in-office procedure, Voluma XC® also comes with no recovery or downtime. Thus, it’s an effective, yet convenient option to consider.

How It Works

Low levels of hyaluronic acid, a substances that acts as a cushion between skin cells, occur as we get older. When this substance diminishes, our skin is no longer as able to bounce back. Thus, you get that sunken appearance of the cheek area that is so common in older adults. Moisture is also lost when hyaluronic acid decreases, and fines lines become more apparent. Voluma XC® by Juvederm® is a gel containing a form of hyaluronic acid that is injected into the cheeks. You’ll begin to see slight results immediately, with improved contouring of the face and volume added to the cheeks. These results will actually improve gradually over time as the hyaluronic acid production in your body is stimulated.

What to Expect

You can receive your consultation the day of your visit, and then you can expect your treatment to be relatively short. It’s possible you’ll want to schedule a follow-up session or several, depending upon your needs. Your practitioner will discuss recommendations with you at your consultation. Future treatments will likely require less time and less filler to achieve desired results.

So if you are seeking a return of your once-full cheeks and beautifully contoured face with fewer wrinkles, Juvederm Voluma XC® may be just the answer for you. Here at Garza Plastic Surgery, we can help you toward a younger looking appearance. Call us and schedule a consultation at our office in Nashville, TN to learn more.