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Platelet-rich-plasma or PRP is currently being hailed as the secret to bright and youthful skin. It offers patients the opportunity to turn back the proverbial hands of time on their skin. From erasing fine lines and other superficial creases to addressing signs of sun damage, there is very little that a PRP treatment cannot do to improve the texture and overall tone of the skin.

If you’ve been noticing the early signs of facial aging and are eager to regain a taut, healthy, resilient, and undeniably youthful complexion, you owe it to yourself to learn more about this procedure.

What PRP is and Why It’s So Effective

Over the past several years, platelet-rich plasma has earned acclaim throughout the cosmetic industry due to its impressive restorative capabilities. From aiding in some of the world’s most effective hair loss reversal treatments to creating firmer and more resilient skin, this naturally-derived solution is definitely worth considering. It reduces the turnover rate for new skin cells so that the dermis is constantly refreshing and renewing itself just like it did when the body was younger.

PRP contains every one of the growth hormones for triggering increased collagen production and the regeneration of skin tissues. It also promotes better cell differentiation to promote brighter and more vibrant skin overall. For a dull, tired complexion that’s been caused by overwork, physical and emotional stress, and everyday wear and tear, PRP treatment can provide impressive benefits.

How is Platelet-Rich-Plasma Sourced?

The idea of using blood or blood-derived products to restore your skin’s health and former vitality may make you feel a bit odd. PRP treatment for smoother skin, however, always uses platelet-rich plasma obtained from the patient’s own blood. This eliminates a number of obvious health risks while making consumers feel a lot more comfortable about pursuing this treatment.

How Long Does It Take for the Results to Begin to Manifest?

One of the major benefits gained by choosing PRP treatment for smoother skin is the ability to avoid a lengthy recovery time. There isn’t a lot of downtime with this procedure given that only a very modest amount of blood is drawn to retrieve the necessary PRP and that the injection of the PRP is a simple and easy process.

It is important to note that patients who receive this treatment often experience improvements in different facial issues at different times. For instance, sunspots and dark spots could be minimized or even eliminated in as little as two to three months, whereas dull and dry skin could be revitalized within just a matter of days. During your initial appointment, the provider can estimate the required length of treatment, the necessary number of sessions, and the approximate duration of your PRP results.

Can PRP Treatment Be Paired with Any Other Non-Surgical Procedures?

PRP treatment can effectively address a variety of common cosmetic concerns. There are, however, times when this procedure can be made significantly more effective by simply pairing it with other treatments. The timing of combined treatments can be different for every individual. With the right combination of non-surgical procedures, you can dramatically improve your appearance, and without taking on any excessive amount of risk or requiring time away from work or other responsibilities for an extended period of healing.

What Can PRP Do for Advanced Facial Aging?

Generally speaking, the more advanced facial aging is, the more advanced and invasive the necessary treatment is likely to be to achieve the desired results. PRP therapy is an effective solution for various superficial skin issues. It can also be effective for minimizing the appearance of discolored or dark acne scars, and deep or pitted scars.

What it will not do, however, is significantly tighten excessively loose or sagging skin. With noticeable increases in collagen production, multiple sessions may be able to restore a look of vitality and health to severely aged skin, but other skin tightening treatments might be recommended.

Are You a Good Candidate for a PRP Skin Treatment?

If you have visible sun damage at the surface layers of your skin such as age spots, sun spots, or other issues, PRP treatment may be able to even out your complexion. This procedure is also ideal for people with wrinkles, acne scarring, and uneven skin tone, among other skin complaints.

Setting Up an Appointment to Learn More

Every patient and skin issue is unique. Thus, although PRP treatment has an impressive record of success, this does not mean that these treatments are the best way to reach your own personal cosmetic goals. Scheduling a consultation at Garza Plastic Surgery will allow you to talk about your concerns with the professional while learning more about the potential benefits of this and other treatment options. Contact us today to book your appointment at our office in Nashville. We look forward to hearing from you!