If you are considering cosmetic surgery or need to undergo an important medical procedure, the best time to do so is during the winter season. There are many significant advantages to using the winter season as time to recover from your long-desired cosmetic surgery procedure. In fact, many surgeons even suggest this as well. Our winter season is just getting started, so, if you’ve been considering that Mommy Makeover or perhaps a breast augmentation or body contouring, now is the time to schedule your consultation. Remember, summer bodies are made in the winter!

Here are a few great reasons why winter is the best season for plastic surgery:

  • Less sun and cooler temperatures = easy recovery: Our skin is at its most vulnerable following a cosmetic procedure which is why it’s essential to protect it–especially the scars–from the sun and heat. Any overexposure to the sun could result in a longer recovery period due to the surgery wound’s inability to heal properly. Not to mention, there’s a greater risk of infection if the surgery wounds/scars are exposed to the sun for too long, leaving permanent scarring. During the winter, the sun’s UV is not nearly as high as it is in the summer, and the days are much shorter–leaving little room for overexposure. Additionally, the cooler temperatures of the winter significantly help with swelling and bruising that’s associated with surgery. The hot summer would only irritate swelling while the cool temperature would help soothe it. Especially for surgeries like breast reconstruction.
  • Winter clothes help cover scars: The winter season is sweater weather which means that you can carefully conceal any scars or signs of surgery with loose, comfortable clothing. Scarves, hats, and turtlenecks do an excellent job of hiding the effects of a brow or facelift, while loose sweats hide the effects of breast augmentations. You can comfortably get around and run errands–after it’s been approved by your doctor–with ease, comfort, and discreteness.
  •  Summer ready: By using the winter season to get your desired surgical procedures done, you’ll only be better prepared for the summer! Instead of wasting the summer away with recovery, you can be flaunting your new look all season long. Let the winter be the season you take the time to recover from your surgery.

These are only a few of the many reasons why the winter is the best season to get plastic surgery. If you want your body to be summer ready for 2019, make an appointment for a consultation with your local cosmetic surgeon today! Use this winter season to relax and recover from your cosmetic procedure.