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Middle-aged woman showing wrinkles to the side of her eyes before getting cosmetic treatmentsMiddle-aged woman showing the results of wrinkle reduction treatments
Front facial view of woman showing wrinkles before getting facial cosmetic treatmentFront facial picture showing a woman's results after cosmetic facial treatment for aging skin.
Side facial view of a woman showing wrinkles around the eyes before receiving cosmetic treatmentsSide angle view of a woman's face showing the results of facial skin treatments.
Middle aged woman before getting a Juvederm non-surgical treatmentA middle aged woman showing the results from Juvederm injectable dermal filler treatment.
A woman before receiving Juvederm derma filler treatment to reduce wrinkles and improve skin texture.A middle aged woman's face showing the results of Juvederm, a non-surgical injectable filler available at Garza Plastic Surgery.
A middle aged woman with red hair showing skin texture before getting cosmetic treatment with Juvederm, a non-surgical injectable derma filler.Middle aged woman with red hair showing results of Juvederm treatment. Juvederm is a non-surgical cosmetic injectable derma filler that restores youthful texture to your face.
Close up of patient's lips before receiving Volbella injectable treatment to add texture to the lipsClose up picture of a patient's lips after receiving Volbella treatment. The lips now have a fuller and younger look.
Close up photo of a patients lips before adding texture and volume with Volbella injectable derma filler.A close up picture of a patient's lips after Volbella injectable derma filler treatment. Volume added to the upper and lower lips for a more attractive look.
Close up of a patient's lips before Volbella injectable fillers are added to give the lips more volume.After image. Results for Volbella injectable derma filler for the lips. Close up image shows the subtle lift and boost to texture.
Picture of a middle aged woman before Voluma dermal filler treatment. Voluma is used to prevent or reduce mid-facial volume loss.Image of a middle age woman after receiving Voluma treatment to prevent mid-face volume loss. Shows improved skin texture and volume, younger looking skin, and reduced bags under the eyes.
Image of a woman with red hair before getting Voluma facial treatment. Voluma is an injectable derma filler that improves mid-facial volume.a woman with red hair after getting Voluma to improve the volume and texture of her mid-facial region. Skin under the eyes is lighter and has a more youthful appearance.
Woman smiling before getting Voluma derma filler face treatment to prevent volume loss in her mid-facial region.woman after receiving voluma injectable dermal filler at Garza Plastic Surgery to restore midfacial volume
A close up of a patient's neck before Kybella treatment to reduce sub-mental fullness or double chin.Close up on a woman patient's neck to show the effect of Kybella treatments on reducing sub-mental fullness or double chin.
close up front view of a patient before receiving Kybella injectable cosmetic treatment to reduce sub mental fullness, better known as double chin, and improve facial definition.Close up picture of a woman face and neck, showing improved jawline and reduced levels of fat from under her chin. Picture taken after Kybella injectable cosmetic treatment.
A close up of a patient's neck before Kybella treatment to reduce sub-mental fullness or double chin.Close up picture of a woman's face after Kybella dermal injections to reduce under the chin fat cells.
Picture of a young woman with ZO Skin Health products applied to her face.Picture of a young woman after using ZO Skin Health products as part of her skincare routine.
Close up picture of a woman's face before using ZO Skin Health skincare products to take care of her skin and maintain her youthful appearance.Close up picture to show a woman's results from using ZO Skin Health products to keep her skin looking young and healthy.
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