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skin cancer

One of the things we focus on here in our practice is skin cancer. We do a lot of work with dermatologists around the city helping patients with skin cancer – from simple removal, post mohs and more complex or larger areas.

skin cancer removal

Skin cancer removal can be performed with a primary excision. This is when patients come in with skin cancer & we take it off, close it up & make it look as great as we can.

skin cancer reconstruction

When skin cancer has been removed somewhere else (typically MOHs surgery), patients are then referred to us to close the wound & make it look aesthetically pleasing.


Skin cancer procedures come in a variety of levels from simple removal to more complex reconstructions. As an aesthetic & reconstructive plastic surgeon, Dr. Robert Garza has worked with dermatologists in Nashville for years. We treat patients with everything from a primary excision of skin cancer to larger, more complex skin cancer removals & reconstruction.


A primary excision skin procedure is performed when a patient comes in with skin cancer that need to be removed. We’re able to take the skin cancer off completely & make it look as aesthetically pleasing as possible.


MOHs surgery is typically performed by a dermatologist who then refers here for Mohs reconstructive surgery to close the wound, make it look aesthetically pleasing, and also fill a wound that may otherwise take a long time to heal. In some cases, we see the patient before a dermatologist and are able to remove the skin cancer and initiate the healing process here.


One of the things that we see commonly is having complicated cases with large skin cancers or different parts of the body like the scalp or the ears. These are all areas that can be really complicated to reconstruct. We certainly have done plenty of these procedures & specialize in complex skin cancer reconstruction. These skin procedures might involve something as simple as closing up the skin cancer wound or using a skin graft. It also might involve a tissue transfer from a leg or arm to a head or other complicated skin issues that we focus on.


When it comes to any type of changes on your skin, the best thing to do is consult a doctor if you suspect you may have skin cancer. However, some common things to pay attention to as Thank you!warning sign of skin cancer may include, but are not limited to:

→ new spot or growth on the skin (especially without a defined boarder around it)
→ changes to an existing spot (could be the size, color or shape)
→ if a spot becomes itchy or starts to develop a crust


We’re happy to see skin cancer patients in this office either as a first hand patient or a referral from your primary care doctor or dermatologist. Depending on the severity, we may recommend seeing a board certified plastic surgeon to remove pre-cancerous moles. The best way to know what is best for you and your skin is to see a skin cancer specialist who has experience in diagnosing and removing benign and cancerous moles, like Dr. Garza in Nashville.


We are a one-stop-shop for our patients. Not every patient needs surgical care, and those that do often benefit from nonsurgical solutions after surgery. When it comes to skin cancer, it can feel like a long road to recovery. We’re here to help shorten that road by offering as many solutions as possible.

skin cancer removal in nashville

skin cancer recovery

After skin procedures that involve any type of scarring, especially skin cancer removals, we typically recommend a regimen that helps prevent or reduce scarring significantly.

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