PDO threading has become known as the ‘nonsurgical facelift’ for its ability to lift and tighten the skin without surgery.

Restore your natural beauty.

Benefits of PDO Threading in Nashville

  • Immediate results
  • Minimally invasive
  • Long lasting
  • Stimulates collagen
  • Lifts sagging tissue


As we age, our skin loses elasticity and fat, leading to loose skin, fine lines, and a more square-shaped face. In the past, people seeking treatment for signs of aging went under the knife for a facelift surgery.

The surgery is very effective, but some people are not willing or able to have an invasive procedure to remove loose skin. Thankfully, PDO threads provide a non-invasive option to lift sagging skin on the face and neck without surgery.

What is PDO threading?

Plastic surgeons use Polydioxanone (PDO) threading as an effective non-surgical facelift alternative to lift and smooth loose skin. A thread lift treatment leaves no scars, has minimal downtime, and creates a youthful appearance. The procedure only takes around 30 minutes, and you’re free to leave right after.

For decades, doctors have used PDO threads to seal surgical incisions because your skin dissolves them in about six to nine months. But within the past twenty years, plastic surgery innovators in South Korea began using them for orthopedic and cosmetic treatments with shining success. The minimally invasive threads have since gained popularity in common aesthetic practice.


How does a PDO  thread lift work?

The technology of a PDO thread lift allows an aesthetician to tighten sagging skin, and stimulate collagen and elastin production. An aesthetician uses needles to strategically insert threads that pull back the skin and gently lift and tighten the face and neck. A thread lift also stimulates your body’s natural collagen production as a healing response to the treated areas. As most know, collagen production combats signs of aging.

There are two types of  threads used for a thread lift: smooth threads and lifting threads. Smooth threads will smooth out skin texture by filling in wrinkles and lines. Lifting threads lift sagging skin to improve skin firmness. Both threads increase collagen production in the treated areas. 

Minimally invasive, PDO threading naturally rejuvenates facial tissues and provides a gradual and long-lasting improvement to skin firmness.

What is a PDO lift or PDO smooth thread procedure?

Threads can be placed through the cheeks, brow, and forehead area, and around the neck to give the same benefits as a surgical facelift. To complement the thread lift, Hyaluronic acid can also be added around the treatment area to add further volume and elasticity to the face.

Before the treatment, the aesthetician will apply topical and local anesthetic to numb your face. As a non-invasive facelift, there’s no need for general anesthesia. Technological improvements make this procedure manageable with local anesthesia for minimal discomfort.

During the treatment, the surgeon will outline the placement path of the thread to create the best lift for the patient’s facial tissues. Then, they will lift the skin by making small punctures where the thread will be placed.

Once placed, the threads will grasp the loose skin to reposition and tighten the skin, reducing lines and wrinkles for full facial rejuvenation.

Altogether, the procedure usually lasts for about 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the number of areas being treated.

After the PDO thread lift, some immediate results may be visible, but the full effects develop over time as the threads stimulate collagen production and encourage skin tightening. There may be some temporary swelling, bruising, or redness at the treatment site, but these side effects typically subside within a few days to weeks.

It’s important to follow post-procedure care instructions provided by your practitioner and attend any scheduled follow-up appointments. For example, your aesthetician will likely advise you to sleep on your back and avoid drinking through straws or smoking for the first couple of weeks to make sure the threads don’t break.

Results can last for several months but vary from person to person. As with any cosmetic treatment, choosing a qualified and experienced practitioner is crucial for safety and achieving the best results possible.

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Two Types of Thread Lifts

PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are used in cosmetic procedures to lift and tighten sagging skin, promoting collagen production and improving the overall texture and appearance of the skin. There are two primary types of PDO threads used in these treatments: PDO smooth threads and PDO lifting threads.

Both PDO smooth and lifting threads are absorbable, meaning they gradually dissolve over time. As they dissolve, the collagen-boosting effects continue, maintaining the skin’s rejuvenation and firmness. Now, let’s explore the differences between the two:

smooth threads

Skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, smooths skin texture, promotes collagen production

lifting threads

Stronger to lift heavier tissue, stimulates collagen production, improves skin firmness

PDO smooth threads

  • Purpose: PDO smooth threads are primarily used for skin rejuvenation and improving skin texture. They are ideal for patients with mild skin laxity, fine lines, and early signs of aging.
  • Characteristics: PDO smooth threads have a smooth surface without barbs or cones, making them less invasive and suitable for superficial applications.
  • Mechanism of Action: When inserted under the skin, PDO smooth threads stimulate collagen production and improve skin elasticity. The threads create a supportive mesh that lifts the skin gently, reducing the appearance of fine lines and promoting a youthful glow.
  • Results: The results of PDO smooth threads are subtle but effective, providing gradual skin tightening and rejuvenation over time.

PDO lifting threads

  • Purpose: PDO lifting threads are designed for patients with more noticeable sagging and skin laxity. They are specifically used to lift and reposition sagging skin in areas like the cheeks, jawline, and neck.
  • Characteristics: PDO lifting threads have barbs or cones along their length, allowing them to grip and lift the skin effectively.
  • Mechanism of Action: During the procedure, the barbs or cones on the PDO lifting threads anchor into the deeper layers of the skin, providing an immediate lift. Like PDO smooth threads, they also stimulate collagen production for long-lasting results.
  • Results: PDO lifting threads offer more significant and immediate lifting effects, providing a noticeable improvement in facial contours and sagging skin.

Which PDO threads are right for me?

The choice between PDO smooth and lifting threads depends on the patient’s specific concerns, the degree of skin laxity, and the areas being treated. During the consultation, a qualified and experienced medical professional will assess the patient’s needs and recommend the most suitable type of PDO threads to achieve the desired results effectively.


  • Acne scars
  • Eyebrow commas
  • Glabellar lines/forehead wrinkles
  • Marionette lines/chin lines
  • Radial lip lines
  • Skin tightening
  • Submental tightening
  • Vermillion border


  • Jaw lift
  • Midface and cheek lift

  • Eyebrow lift
  • Neck lift
  • Forehead lift

How long will a PDO thread lift last?

When you get a PDO thread lift in our Nashville clinic, you will enjoy long-lasting results. A PDO thread lift will often provide patients with great results for up to eighteen months. Even though the threads dissolve after about six months, the results last much longer. After six to nine months, you may have a touch-up thread lift, which will last you up to three years.

Are there side effects to PDO threads?

Compared to dermal fillers, thread lifts have a significantly lower risk of side effects. The most common side effect is tightness in the face that can last for up to two weeks, or until the body begins to break down the threads. Bruising may also occur around the treatment site but generally fade within a week or so. Your doctor may be able to combine your treatment with AccuVein® technology to help reduce your chances of post-threading bruising.

In rare cases, there may be some damage to the nerves around the face, and possibly to the salivary ducts. Infections and acne nodules are also rare side effects. If you notice any of these developing, talk to your doctor.

Can you feel PDO threads?

There are a variety of threads used to treat different skin goals, but all PDO threads are very small. Since they are placed beneath the skin, patients shouldn’t be able to feel them at all.

 Though, after your procedure, you should avoid rubbing your face, drinking through a straw, or sleeping on your side to prevent from dislodging any threads.

Is a thread lift procedure right for me?

Perfect candidates for thread lifts are those who see signs of aging that can be treated with a small lift. Since the procedure is minimally invasive, those who do not wish to have a surgical facelift to avoid long recovery or anesthesia benefit from a PDO thread lift procedure.

How much does a thread lift treatment cost?

The cost of PDO thread treatments can vary widely depending on the facility’s location, the surgeon’s experience, the specific type of PDO threads used, the number of threads required, and the area(s) being treated. Plus, prices can change, so it’s important to check with individual practitioners or clinics for the most up-to-date pricing.

Keep in mind that the cost may also include other factors such as the initial consultation, follow-up appointments, and any additional products or services that may be recommended as part of the overall treatment plan.

How Do I Make a PDO Thread Lift Appointment in Nashville?

Before you schedule an appointment, it’s vital to choose a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon for PDO thread treatments, as their skill level can significantly impact the results and safety of the non-surgical facelift. Next, we recommend scheduling a consultation to discuss your specific goals, assess your candidacy, and get a personalized cost estimate.

In Nashville, Dr. Robert Garza is a renowned double-board-certified plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience. The compassionate team at Garza Plastic Surgery is more than happy to discuss your aesthetic goals and see whether PDO threads or an alternate treatment like Botox or fillers is best. Schedule a consultation with us today!

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