Nashville is home to the hottest country music scene in America. Many talented artists fight for a few minutes of fame in the spotlight. Getting up in front of people, however, requires a certain amount of preparation to ensure you are looking the part. That is to say, you must not only pick your songs wisely in Nashville, but you must be as beautiful as you can be when standing in front of the stage lights. Entertainment is all about the look, no matter what anyone tells you. Even if you sound mediocre, people remember the visuals more than they typically remember the music. What they see in you will leave a lasting impression on them for years to come. As a performer, you must make intelligent choices when it comes to the brand of makeup you depend on to help you develop your stage presence. This is why you should take the time to learn about Oxygenetix: a type of foundation designed for the celebrities of Hollywood which stands up under the intensity and pressure that top ranking performers face each day in their demanding professions.

A Breathable Product

Oxygenetix was formulated originally for use by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and others dealing with esthetic-based professions. The wonderful thing about Oxygenetix is that this foundation was designed to allow the skin to breathe while wearing it. Additionally, this foundation product stands up to intense heat situations, such as when celebrities are standing under lights that exhibit higher thermal properties of pumping out more heat. This was not just a natural fit for celebrities for these reasons, but also because Oxygenetix foundation will stand up like this for long durations too. Imagine having to work all day and night, and your foundation is still holding up as well as when you first put it on earlier that morning. That is after only one application.

Benefits of Healing

When you have cosmetic procedures to improve your skin, or you are trying to heal from damage to your skin, Oxygenetix foundation is able to again allow the skin to breathe to allow healing to take place naturally. With the added benefit of Oxygenetix products being SPF rated at 25, the foundation and other Oxygenetix skin care products allow for a significant degree of protection from the glaring sun. This also helps to keep sensitive, healing skin from incurring further damage simply from being outdoors.

Quality Matters

As with all of the Oxygenetix skin care products, the label is free of hard to pronounce chemicals, the product line is hypoallergenic for safe use and the highest quality is required by internal quality assurance standards of the Oxygenetix company before they will release a product for public use. That means that their products not only stand up to intense professional settings, but they are safe for long-term use as well. Consequently, this should be a standard in any Nashville artists makeup regiment to ensure that they have the best appearance on stage possible. This way, they will not disappoint any of their adoring fans with makeup that is running all over the place when they start to sweat. The same is true when they have been working long hours in the intense heat.

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