Beauty Sleep

When our busy lives force us to skimp on precious shut-eye, it can immediately show in the eyes and surrounding skin. In fact, the term “beauty sleep” isn’t just a term of phrase—it is a scientific fact that being consistently well-rested can have a dramatic effect on how skin looks and feels, as skin repairs itself overnight.

Skimp on shut-eye and your skin will look dull. “When you’re tired, blood doesn’t flow efficiently,” says Michael Breus, MD, author of Beauty Sleep. As you snooze, your body churns out human growth hormone — a crucial ingredient for collagen production. All this below-the-surface metabolic activity, however, helps cause skin to lose about 25 percent more water overnight than it does during the day, says Howard Murad, MD, author of The Water Secret.

We recommend the best time to use your skincare products is at night while you are asleep with good cleansed skin and using a retinol or tretinoin cream. Our most popular products are: Refissa, Nouvelle (Neo Cutis) and Obagi.