Liposuction in Nashville, TN at the Cosmetic Surgery & Skin Center

Liposuction is a type of surgery that removes fat deposits from the body. Usually, these are the fat deposits that prove to be highly resistant to all forms of diet and exercise. As a common cosmetic surgery procedure, liposuction is usually performed on the stomach and abdomen and can even reshape or contour breasts, hips, legs, necks, chins, backs, and buttocks.

Although liposuction is an extremely popular form of cosmetic surgery, there is a lot of confusion and misconceptions surrounding the purpose and benefits of the surgery. So, we’ve decided to go over some common facts about this elective surgery. If you are interested in liposuction in Nashville, TN, contact The Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Center to learn more about this surgery by scheduling a consultation with our double board-certified plastic surgeon. Here are a few common facts about liposuction.

Liposuction is an invasive surgery

There’s a common misconception that since liposuction is done with a local anesthetic, that’s it’s not an invasive surgery. Though it’s not as invasive as other surgeries, liposuction is still a very serious surgery.

Works best on those with elastic and firm skin

The ideal candidate for liposuction are those who are within 30% of their ideal body weight. However, the best results come from those who generally have firm and elastic skin. With skin that has excellent firmness and elasticity, it will allow for the surgery to run much smoother. Sometimes, patients will end up with loose skin that will need to be removed and altered in additional surgeries–this is why it’s so important to have skin that’s both firm and has excellent collagen levels.

Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure

Another significant misconception regarding liposuction is that it’s a method of weight loss. This is 100% false. Liposuction is not a surgery that provides patients will weight loss results. This is a cosmetic procedure that simply improves–shapes, contours–the appearance of certain body parts. Although liposuction does rid the body of fat deposits, it’s not a remedy for weight loss or cellulite removal. However, doctors do recommend for patients to maintain a healthy weight leading up to their surgery–not only will this allow for the surgery to go smoothly, but it also promotes excellent, long-lasting results.

Liposuction has risks, too

Even though liposuction is considered a minimally-invasive, cosmetic surgery that’s generally safe, it still has numerous risk factors. Some risks include scarring, skin discoloration, dimpling, and excess skin that’s loose. Just as you would with any other surgery, take to your doctor about the risk factors and your qualification for this type of procedure.

It’s not a permanent solution

Although liposuction is highly effective, if you do not maintain a healthy lifestyle after the surgery, the fat is guaranteed to return. The most effective way to keep your liposuction results long-lasting is to commit to a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercising daily.

If you are considering liposuction in Nashville, TN, be sure to talk to not only a board-certified plastic surgeon, but to your doctor or physician as well. Your doctor will be able to tell you if you are eligible for the surgery, and a board-certified plastic surgeon will be able to provide you precise details of pre and post-surgery.