Breast Implants Nashville, TN & Brentwood, TN

A growing number of patients are coming in for their consultation asking specifically about the “Gummy Bear” implant. Word has gotten out and Brentwood and Nashville, TN patients are wanting to know more. What makes this breast implant popular? Is it better than silicone or saline?

Breast technology is ever changing. The new gummy bear implant is made up of highly cohesive silicone gel molecules. Many plastic surgeons feel this cohesiveness reduces the spread of silicone gel should the implant rupture. These implants are textured and shaped to maintain their position, thus lending themselves to a natural shape. Some feel they are less likely to have ripples or develop capsular contractures.

The cost is typically the same as with the regular silicone gel breast implants. Dr. Garza has experience with all types of implants and will be able to walk you through the advantages and disadvantages associated with each. It’s important to discuss this decision with a board certified plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN, who will be able to evaluate your needs specifically.