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Whether you have changed your mind about your ink, never liked the quality, or are trying to erase the name of an ex, enlighten™ by Cutera is a great option for tattoo removal. More efficient and effective than other options out there, this treatment choice can help you clear your skin in a safe and reliable way. It utilizes two different wavelengths, both of which have different strengths. This makes it highly-effective for a wide variety of ink colors and safe for any skin tone.

Why Tattoo Removal is So Difficult

Tattoos are designed to be permanent. When you have one done, the surface of your skin is punctured so that the pigment can be delivered into a lower layer. While your body immediately recognizes this pigment as a foreign invader and tries to rid itself of it, the large size of the particles makes this difficult to do. That does not mean your body gives up, however, which is why tattoos can begin to fade over time.

In the past, options for tattoo removal were limited, often ineffective, and always uncomfortable. They were either surgically extracted, covered with a skin graft, or even removed with chemical abrasives. Thanks to advances in technology, however, we now have treatments like enlighten™ by Cutera, which is both effective and far more comfortable.

How Does enlighten™ by Cutera Work?

The goal of this treatment is to break down the pigment particles so that your body can flush them out. Both picosecond and nanosecond technology is used in order to address different colors and types of ink. The beams of light used by enlighten™ are converted into heat, which is then absorbed by the pigment. This heat destroys the pigment and typically has no impact on the surrounding skin.

In order to get the best possible results, you will likely need multiple treatments. Most people benefit from a series of treatments, all spaced a set amount of time apart in order to give your body ample time to flush out the pigment. The first step in the process is to have a consultation, where we can evaluate the tattoo you are wanting to have removed. This will give us a better idea of how many treatments you will need.

You can schedule your consultation by reaching out to our team at Garza Plastic Surgery. A member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff in Nashville would be happy to discuss enlighten™ by Cutera for tattoo removal with you. Creating your personalized treatment plan at your consultation can be your next step toward saying goodbye to unwanted ink for good! Contact us today to book an appointment and get started.