breast cancer surgery options after a mastectomy Getting breast implants after a mastectomy is a safe and effective option for breast reconstruction.One of the most popular questions received during plastic surgery consultations in Nashville, TN, is about recovery time for breast augmentation. It’s an understandable concern, as professionals, parents, and athletes want to resume their routines as quickly as possible. However, many patients find their breast augmentation recovery easier than expected, while others need longer before resuming light activity.

How Long is Breast Augmentation Recovery Time?

The average recovery time for breast augmentation is about six weeks. However, full recovery can range from four to eight weeks.
Since the breast augmentation recovery process varies, understand there are no clear rules or a specific number of days. Recovery time will vary based on the nature of your particular surgery. Always follow your plastic surgeon’s orders post-operatively.

For many, light activity is allowable 5 to 7 days after surgery. This, of course, means delaying heavy lifting or vigorous exercise.
Healing time varies from patient to patient and case to case. During your consultation in Nashville, TN, plastic surgeon Dr. Garza will give you a better understanding of what to expect post-operatively.

As with any plastic surgery procedure, it’s essential to follow the directive of your board-certified plastic surgeon in Nashville, TN, and listen to your body. Doing so will help you prepare effectively for breast augmentation surgery. And it will also allow for the proper healing time to be critical to your procedure’s success. So prepare to have some assistance for at least the first five days following your breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation FAQ:

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation, or boob job, is a surgical procedure to improve the shape, size, look, and feel of the breasts. A board-certified surgeon at Garza inserts breast implants of either silicone or saline to create a fuller looking chest.

What are the different types of breast augmentation?

You can choose breast implants to enlarge the breasts, a fat transfer, or a combination of both. Some patients combine breast augmentation with a breast lift or nipple reconstruction, based on their aesthetic goals.

How can I choose natural looking breast implants?

For most people, silicone or “gummy bear” implants look and feel the most natural. The silicone gel implants have a fuller bottom with a taper at the top to give a more natural shape.

What does a natural breast augmentation look like?

Another breast augmentation option, aside from implants, is to transfer fat from one area of the body to reconstruct the breasts. The procedure uses your own living tissue to create fuller breasts. This surgery is called a DIEP flap surgery.

What is the recovery time for breast augmentation with DIEP flap surgery?

Recovery from DIEP flap surgery is longer than other breast augmentation surgeries. Patients stay in the hospital for five days and recover at home for eight weeks.

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