Skincare tips for nashville, tn by skincare experts at garza plastic surgery

How should you take care of your skin when living in Nashville? The unpredictable weather, humidity, pollution, and bright southern sun can all affect your skin—and what skincare to use.

Everyone in Nashville, TN, and elsewhere wants to look and feel their best. How our skin appears is often a sign of beauty, health, and wellness.

It is also true that everyone—friends, family, and your favorite social media personality—dishes out a constant stream of skin care advice. They have different opinions on how to achieve a healthy, radiant look.

Unfortunately, not all of these methods are tried and true. In light of this well-meaning but often inaccurate advice, below is a brief list of some of the best skin care tips to keep you looking and feeling your best—all from certified skin care professionals at Garza in Nashville, TN.

Best Skin Care Tips

1. Don’t Forget the Sunscreen

The first piece of advice concerning your skin includes the use of sunscreen. Whether you live in the South or up North, wear sunscreen every day, period. Sun exposure leads to premature aging, increases the risk of skin cancer, and causes long-term damage.

Choose a sunscreen with a high enough SPF, like SPF 50, for adequate protection against the sun’s rays. Look for UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum for full protection against sun damage. Be sure to reapply after about every hour of sun exposure.

If you have sun damage you want to repair, we offer skin resurfacing treatments in Nashville, TN, to reduce sun spots and discoloration.

2. Don’t Overdo Product Applications: Less is Be More

More is not more when it comes to skincare—especially when living in hot, humid conditions. Be conservative in the amount and frequency you apply products. Overuse can have unwanted effects, such as drying out our skin or even clogging our pores.

This advice also applies to the amount of a specific ingredient in skin care products. For example, 2% retinol is not always better than .25% retinol. Depending on your skin’s sensitivity and skin care goals, you will want to be conservative with the percentage of active ingredients.

You may also want to reduce the number of products you use in your skincare. Most people only need cleanser, moisturizer, and sunscreen with the right active ingredients on a daily basis. On top of that, one or two more products max should take care of your skin issues—if you’re using the right products.

To know exactly what skin care products and amounts you should use, ask a skin care professional at Garza. We can help you pick everything from cleansers and oils to facials and chemical peels.

3. Expensive is Not Always Better

We always recommend investing in good skincare. Unfortunately, however, more often than not, more expensive “miracles in a bottle” are similar to affordable brands. They often perform the same as, if not worse than, their counterparts.

Purchase wisely! Talk to a professional aesthetician and do your research!

4. Stop Picking

Picking pimples, blemishes, or other skin anomalies does not help and only worsens things. When you pick your skin, you reopen a wound, which can cause an infection, swelling, and redness.

Not only does touching your skin introduce more harmful bacteria, but picking can also lead to unsightly scarring.

5. Don’t Neglect Your Neck

Too often, we pamper our faces but forget to indulge the surrounding skin on our necks, chest, and shoulders. The skin found here is also delicate and needs attention.

While you can buy skin care products specifically for your neck and chest, you don’t need to. The products you use for your face are also great for your neck and chest. During your skincare routine, apply the same products to those areas in addition to your face. These products include cleansers, moisturizers, and sunscreen.

6. Layer Your Products Properly

As a basic rule of thumb, layer your products from thinnest to thickest in texture. Apply liquids before gels, gels before lotions, lotions before creams, and creams before oils. This order helps prevent clogged pores and ensures the thinner water-based products are absorbed first, as oil-based products prevent the others from penetrating and contacting the skin.

The caveat is if you have sensitive skin or a broken skin barrier. It is best to apply moisturizer before products with active ingredients to dilute their effectiveness. The dilution will reduce your skin’s adverse reaction to the active ingredient.

7. Add Facials to Your Routine

Nashville’s weather, in combination with makeup and sweat, can quickly coat your skin in unwanted residue. Deep cleansing facials performed by an aesthetician remove impurities to leave your skin healthy and clear. Facials leave your skin glowing and prepare it to absorb additional treatments effectively. Schedule a facial about once a month for optimal results.

Garza’s skincare professionals can recommend the right facial for your skin type and skin conditions. We can also incorporate additional treatments to promote collagen and elastin production to keep your skin youthful and glowing.

Learn More About Healthy Skin Care in Nashville, TN

If you wish to learn more about maintaining healthy skin, speak with the skincare professionals at Garza Plastic Surgery in Nashville, TN. We are happy to help you with your concerns about skin health.

Reach out for a consultation to book an appointment and get started!