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BOTOX® is no longer for the rich and famous. In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), BOTOX® is now the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure. In 2001, the number of people who received the injection treatment grew at a rate of 46% from the prior year, with a total of over 1.6 million people receiving treatment. If you think you could benefit from BOTOX® in Nashville, you are warmly invited to find out if you are a good candidate for BOTOX.

What is BOTOX®?

This is an injectable solution that smooths out wrinkles and lines by relaxing the muscles in the treated site. It is commonly used to temporarily reduce the appearance of crow’s feet, forehead furrows, and frown lines. However, it does have a myriad of other uses.

Am I a Good Candidate for BOTOX?

Since BOTOX® in Nashville is so safe, nearly anybody can be a good candidate. Most people who are at least 18 years of age, have realistic expectations about results and are in good general health are ideal candidates. During your initial consultation, a specialist will discuss with you what you want to accomplish with BOTOX® and if your desired results can be achieved with this treatment method. Good candidates for BOTOX® in Nashville also have moderate to severe facial wrinkles located in areas that the product can treat effectively.

There are certain circumstances where this product is not a good fit for an individual. You may need to seek additional treatment options for your condition if you are allergic to any of the ingredients, for example.

What to Expect with BOTOX Injections

This injection treatment in Nashville usually takes just minutes, and the treatment is well-tolerated by most people. One of the most significant benefits of BOTOX® over a surgical procedure is there is no set downtime. You are free to come in during a break from your other daily activities and return to your errands immediately afterward.

How long it takes to show results varies from patient to patient. For some individuals, results are seen in as little as a few days. Sometimes, depending on the thickness of your skin and the depth of your fine lines and wrinkles, you may not see results for about a week.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

To determine definitively if you are a good candidate for BOTOX® in Nashville, simply speak with the friendly professionals at Garza Plastic Surgery in Nashville during an initial consultation! Contact us today to book your appointment and learn more information.


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