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Hi…this is Tracey here to tell you how to get rid of that double chin.

KYBELLA ™ (deoxycholic acid) Injection: The first and only injectable drug clinically proven to contour moderate to severe submental fullness. You might be asking yourself, “so what does this mean for me”? It means…NO MORE DOUBLE CHIN…OR TRIPPLE CHIN! And before you ask…under the chin is the only area where this can be injected. Treatment of subcutaneous fat outside the submental region has not been established and is not recommended. Here are the basic facts:

  • Indicated for fullness under the chin

  • Expect to receive 2-4 treatments at 6 week intervals

  • Painless with topical numbing applied prior to treatment

  • Expect a burning sensation for a few days, embrace it as this is indicative of the fat cell lysing

  • Swelling for 3-5 days, and this is good swelling…means it’s working

  • Numbness for up to 4 weeks which is expected as this is due to the healing process

  • Improvement seen within 12 weeks

Come in and watch a video of me having it injected by Dr. Edwards, and see my post pictures immediately after, one day after, etc…I can say first hand, what I experienced:

  • No pain during injections

  • Mild burning after treatment

  • Swelling/bogginess under the chin

  • Numbness to the skin under the chin

I can’t wait to see the fat go away and some tightening happen!  Call to schedule your complimentary consultation and see a live video of my treatment!