Have you ever wondered what was fact or fiction about the realities of plastic surgery? The world of Hollywood glamorizes cosmetic procedures. However, aside from its variety of aesthetic benefits, plastic surgery is used to correct many medical conditions.
In this article, we debunk popular plastic surgery myths and share the facts about plastic surgery. We provide you with the open and honest truth about cost, eligibility, safety, and results.

Here are 5 plastic surgery myths we’ve debunked for you:

1. Plastic Surgery is for Vain People

Not true. Sure, plastic surgery is widely known for procedures like Botox, breast augmentation and implants, tummy tucks, facelifts, and rhinoplasties, however, plastic surgery can correct a wide range of congenital disabilities, provide post-cancer reconstruction options, and treat injuries.

Though people have elective plastic surgery for vain reasons, many choose it for medical needs or a solution to correct a distracting feature that affects their quality of life. For example, fixing cleft palates, post-mastectomy reconstruction, burn scar revisions, and more. And an excellent plastic surgeon will suggest non-surgical alternatives, like weight loss or laser treatments, to fix issues when possible.

2. Only Women Can Get Plastic Surgery

False! Although women are the number one plastic surgeon patients, men also receive plastic surgery. A study conducted by the ASAPS (American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) shows a 273% increase in men who underwent cosmetic procedures–including plastic surgery, between 1997 and 2013. And in 2017, there was a 20% growth in the number of men who took part in several plastic surgeries and minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and fillers.

3. You Have to Be Wealthy In Order to Afford Plastic Surgery

Nope, try again. Plastic surgery is for anyone who wishes to improve their quality of life and enhance their natural features. Due to the ever-evolving state of technology, surgeons perform procedures at a less-invasive level and a lower cost most everyone can afford.

Additionally, a large number of plastic surgeons offer patients affordable financing options. Many choose a monthly payment plan to pay for their procedure over time.

4. Breast Implants are Not Safe and Can Affect Breastfeeding

Not true! New Mommies, if you have breast implants and plan to breastfeed your child, have no fear! Your implants will not affect the quality and quantity of your milk production. In fact, with implants, sagging due to breastfeeding is less likely!

Additionally, after many studies and trials, the US FDA has approved a variety of saline and silicone breast implants for medical use and stated they are not linked to forms of breast cancer.

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5. Liposuction Is an Easy Way to Lose Weight

Unfortunately, this statement is false. The truth about liposuction is that it is not a weight loss solution. Liposuction is a procedure that removes stubborn fat from the body. The procedure is best for people who are at a healthy weight but have one area where fat will not go away no matter what they try.

After surgery, it’s up to the patient to stay active and eat healthy to keep the weight off. Before surgery, your surgeon will encourage you to lose as much weight as you can, as this will generate better results post-surgery.

6. You’ll End Up With Ugly Scars

While plastic surgery does create scars, skilled surgeons have techniques to minimize the amount of scarring and place them where they will not be noticeable. Plastic surgeons make smaller incisions in the natural contours of your body, so most people will never notice them.

Plus, surgeons can give you advice on post-surgical care and treatments that can further minimize the appearance of scars.

7. You’ll Look Like Plastic

You might fear plastic surgery because it has the word “plastic” in it. However, quality plastic surgery is far from hard, lifeless plastic material.
So, why is it called plastic surgery? The word plastic comes from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means “to mold or form.” So plastic surgery aims to mold a person’s physical appearance and ability to function.

We’ve all seen the unnatural results of cheap cosmetic surgeries or people who have gone overboard with operations. You may even have some Hollywood stars in mind. But board-certified surgeons make sure their patients keep their natural looks. In addition, they will make sure you have realistic expectations going in and suggest procedures with more natural-looking results you may not have known.

8. Plastic Surgery is Dangerous

Because it is a surgery, it carries the same risks as other surgeries. However, plastic surgery is safe if you find a board-certified plastic surgeon with experience in the procedure you want. If you do, the chances of plastic surgery going wrong are slim.

Finding a cheaper surgeon with less experience often comes with unfortunate consequences, from a botched surgery to health complications. So it’s vital to find a highly reputable surgeon like Dr. Garza in Nashville.

9. Plastic Surgery Lasts Forever

The results of a procedure can last a very long time. But lifestyle and post-surgical care often determine how long the results last. For example, liposuction removes fat, but you can easily regain fat if you don’t exercise and eat healthily.

Second, breast implants also have a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years, so they sometimes require maintenance and revisions. Lastly, a facelift can give a youthful appearance, but your skin will continue to age. The quality of your skincare routine and overall health affect how long your facelift results last.

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10. Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery are the Same

Cosmetic surgery is a subset of elective plastic surgery to improve aesthetic appearance. It can restore youthfulness, volume, elasticity, and more to parts of the body. Most people have seen the results of cosmetic surgery on celebrities and public figures.

Plastic surgeons undergo years of rigorous training for specialized procedures to receive board certification in plastic surgery and be a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Plastic surgery does more than improve physical appearance. It can also correct deformities and improve the function of body parts through reconstructive surgery.

Benefits of Plastic Surgery

Beauty may only run skin deep, but plastic surgery’s effects on patients go much deeper. With the right guidance from a reputable surgeon, plastic surgery procedures can give patients the confidence and self-esteem they deserve. They can experience a better quality of life.

Plastic Surgery in Nashville, TN

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