Tracey Joins Garza Plastic Surgery

I am excited to let you know that I have joined the practice of Dr. Robert F. Garza. If you have seen me since I moved into Garza Plastic Surgery’s space six months ago, then you may have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Garza and his staff. As Garza Plastic Surgery’s clientele has grown over the past 11 years, so has the need for more treatment options, and perhaps at times the opinion of [...]

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Who is a Candidate for Lip Injections in Nashville?

Have you ever looked in the mirror and wished your lips were fuller? If so, it may be time for you to look into lip injections in Nashville. Making an appointment to receive injections that will give you fuller lips may be just what you need to boost your confidence. Many women have come to Garza Plastic Surgery in Nashville to achieve perfectly puckered lips. Good Candidates for Lip Injections  Lip injections are used to enhance [...]

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3 Reasons Why Skin Care Is Important to Your Health

As the largest organ in the body, your skin is crucial for protecting your inside from the world outside. This barrier works against the elements, harsh pollutants and infection. It also helps to regulate your temperature. Having a proper skin care routine is important in order to protect what is protecting you. Overall skin health and moisture play key roles in the strength, elasticity and youthfulness of your skin. Knowing which skin type you have and [...]

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Try PRP Treatment for Smoother Skin

Platelet-rich-plasma or PRP is currently being hailed as the secret to bright and youthful skin. It offers patients the opportunity to turn back the proverbial hands of time on their skin. From erasing fine lines and other superficial creases to addressing signs of sun damage, there is very little that a PRP treatment cannot do to improve the texture and overall tone of the skin. If you’ve been noticing the early signs of facial aging and [...]

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What to Expect From Dermaplaning in Nashville

If you’re looking for dermaplaning in Nashville, then your best bet will be visiting the extraordinary experts at Garza Plastic Surgery. This clinic specializes in non-surgical skin procedures and puts the comfort of the patients above all else – something that is particularly important for dermaplaning. But what is dermaplaning, and what can you expect from dermaplaning in Nashville? We have the answers. What is Dermaplaning? Unlike a lot of other skin procedures, dermaplaning is non-invasive [...]

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Erase Your Double Chin with Kybella

Few other facial conditions cause as much cosmetic concern as a double chin. When turtlenecks and scarves just won’t do, there’s Kybella®. If you’ve tried everything but you’re still uncomfortable with the appearance of fat under your chin, and surgery is out of the question, there is hope. The team at Garza Plastic Surgery is proud to offer this minimally-invasive, non-surgical solution. What is Kybella®? Kybella® is a medication prescribed to treat individuals who suffer from [...]

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enlighten by Cutera for Tattoo Removal

Whether you have changed your mind about your ink, never liked the quality, or are trying to erase the name of an ex, enlighten™ by Cutera is a great option for tattoo removal. More efficient and effective than other options out there, this treatment choice can help you clear your skin in a safe and reliable way. It utilizes two different wavelengths, both of which have different strengths. This makes it highly-effective for a wide variety [...]

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Frequently Asked Questions About Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is the process of creating tiny micro-channels in the skin to activate the production of collagen. It has been used as a beauty treatment since ancient times. However, many people are understandably skeptical about whether or not the treatment works. If you are interested in micro-needling, here are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers. 1. What Does It Do? Micro-needling drastically increases the amount of collagen and elasticity in the skin [...]

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Common Questions Surrounding Juvederm in Nashville

How do you feel when you look good? Probably amazing. You feel younger and more vibrant. Nothing makes you feel younger than having healthy, great-looking skin. It’s natural for skin to lose its elasticity and get wrinkly as we age. However, Juvederm® in Nashville is available for those seeking to look their best. You may have many questions surrounding Juvederm and the surgeons at Garza Plastic Surgery are here to help! Looking for Juvederm® in [...]

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Are You a Good Candidate for BOTOX in Nashville?

BOTOX® is no longer for the rich and famous. In fact, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), BOTOX® is now the fastest-growing cosmetic procedure. In 2001, the number of people who received the injection treatment grew at a rate of 46% from the prior year, with a total of over 1.6 million people receiving treatment. If you think you could benefit from BOTOX® in Nashville, you are warmly invited to find out [...]

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